July 8, 2017

I’ve read quite a few books on the topic of creativity. They weren’t much helpful.

Some left brain folks recommend things like free word association. Brainstorming. Picking out two words from a dictionary and combine together into a new idea. And other creativity games.

Other right brain folks recommend things like long walks in nature, morning pages, and going on solo dates for inspiration. And other exercises to advance spiritually.

All those things are fine and great, especially being in nature, but I wanted to add my thoughts to the topic.

I view creativity as a subtraction problem. You are already creative but some things are blocking that flow. Remove the blocks and the water will flow once again.

That could be to stop watching, listening, reading junk. No more hangs with downers. Stop eating and drinking junk. Clear the clutter from your life.

Stop going to boring parties, weddings, and other social obligations.

Remove all the emotional junk too, maybe do some eft.

Then you can add some things.

Watch, listen, read top classics. The most inspired & revered work. Those things will tune you to that same creative well we all drink from.

Eat good quality food, including a lot of veggies and fruits. Drink plenty of water. Take your vitamins and supplements.

Hang out in nature.

Be alone.
Creativity is usually a solo adventure.

Learn to quiet the mental chatter. Meditate, do affirmations, chant mantras. Reframe thoughts. Be at peace.

Then you will start to hear that quiet creative radio station in your head that was always there but was being crowded out by all that other noise.

Next, your job is to protect and nurture that voice at all costs. Every one and thing that blocks gotta go.