July 5, 2017

Sometimes you will have a specific question about a thing, that seems very complex, and you will try and ask a busy expert for the answer.

Maybe it’s a technical thing, like how to fix a certain part of your website. Maybe it’s an esoteric thing, like how to feng shui your bedroom.

The main thing to remember is that the person you ask is not the main source for the answer, they’re just a vehicle.

You will often find the answer coming to you even before that specific expert has a chance to respond.

It may be through an inspired google search, which you never thought of before. Maybe overhearing someone say something at the store. A random book you open gives you the answer. A tv show where the main character blurts out the solution. A song on the radio. A license plate. A clue while in the shower.

Or lastly, you will just know what to do, as if someone dropped the solution right into your brain.

So, the main thing is not to get hung up on having to get an answer from one specific place. Once you ask, it can be answered through any number of ways.