It Happened One Night (1934)

July 3, 2017

I liked this movie a lot.
One of the first ever romantic comedies, I believe.

It’s got style. It’s got substance. And kept me interested, even though we know by now how these types of movies end.

A sheltered rich socialite bolts her father’s yacht to go back to her husband, who her dad (& I think everyone else) dislikes. Maybe that guy was a playboy or only after her money, I can’t remember.

First time out in the real world, away from luxuries & servants, she’s completely unprepared for her trip. (She can’t figure out how buses work, loses her ticket, and some swindler steals her luggage.)

She meets a street savvy reporter who is down on his luck after just getting fired.

Thus starts this romantic road comedy.

At first, the guy is taking care of this complete newbie spoiled girl lost in the world, helping her reach New York to her husband, while hoping for an exclusive story for his newspaper and get his job back.

Later he finds that he is falling for her. But they cannot be together. She’s already married. They’re also from two different classes.

It was fun to see the original romantic comedy, from which countless thousands of remixes spawned.

I even liked the doting father figure, which is rare to see in movies these days. Usually parents are the bad guys.

Something about black and white movies, their olden talking style, and ordinary folks in suits make it very interesting to watch. The actors were all of course fantastic. Clark Gable shines.

This is a light fun movie with heart. I recommend!

It Happened One Night