You Can Change Your Life

July 3, 2017

This is the greatest discovery of my life!

No other technological or medical advancement is as amazing as realizing that you are not stuck with being who you are.

You can start off as one type of person, with many less than desirable qualities, and with persistence, patience, and practice, grow into the type of person you admire.

We can observe all the people around us and minick their good qualities while ridding the bad ones. That is actually possible! And it won’t take as much time as you would assume. How amazing & liberating is that to know?!

If you are shy & quiet, you can become confident and sociable. If you are anxious and nervous, you can become calm and peaceful. If you’re always feeling tired and lethargic, you can become energetic and vibrant. A Sad person can become cheerful. Scrooge can become charitable. A sinner can become a saint even.

I mention this, something very obvious to people who are into self-development, because so many people I meet do not realize this. They think they were born one way and will die the same way.

You can heal your life, Louise Hay taught me. You can also change your life. (Just gotta keep trying until it happens.)