Bringing Up Baby (1938)

July 3, 2017

I nearly quit watching within the first five minutes. I’m so glad I didn’t.

This was one of the oddest tasting movies for my eyes. It’s kinda like when I first tried sushi, something odd and unusual for the taste buds.

I’ve never seen a movie where they talk like this. Rapid fire conversations, like machine guns.

I quickly googled the movie, as I was about to quit, and saw that this was a type of style back then. Screwball comedy.

It was also unusual for me to see Cary Grant in a henpecked role. I guess this role reversal, where the woman takes the lead, was also characteristic of these movies.

Cary is a nerdy archaeologist about to get married to the coldest of fiances. (She has zero heat in her blood, and even shuns his idea for a honeymoon. She’d rather work. Ouch!)

He is looking to capture a one million dollar grant for his museum from some rich person.

During this process, very early in the movie, he runs into a carefree, almost ditsy, blonde. Katharine Hepburn.

It’s a clash of styles. He’s reserved. She’s not. He’s shy. She’s bold.

Thus begin random misadventures that force them to spend time together for most of the movie. He is aggravated by this tornado of a woman who wrecks havoc everywhere. Picture Lucy. She is smitten by this geeky handsome guy, who looks better without his glasses, she notices.

They have odd speaking styles. Constantly refering to each other by the first name.

But David!
Now look here Susan!
(on and on and on)
Felt like every sentence used their first name.

Don’t get me wrong. I liked the movie! Just pointing out its uniqueness.

Since they couldn’t show much sexual tension back then, I read that this type of verbal sparring was used as a device instead.

This isn’t a story driven movie but gag driven. A lot of random, unbelievable, funny stuff happens. Completely unrealstic. A farce. (There are multiple leopards involved, one of whom is named Baby. And a feisty dog named George. And an even feistier & sassy aunt.)

And that was their point.
What happens in the movie doesn’t matter much. The audience laughs along and recognizes the main theme, presented in a new unique manner.


A meek guy is about to get married to a cold woman. A free spirit woman falls in love with this unavailable dude. What follows are their misadventures.

Very light watch with multiple laugh out moments!

I liked Katharine Hepburn a lot here. Tall. Striking. Talented. Funny. Easy on the eyes. Got it all.

A popcorn (or raw almonds mixed with raisins for me) flick.
Another recommend!

Bringing Up Baby