Love Bomb Mirror Affirmation Technique

June 30, 2017

This is a thing I spontaneously made up, remixing teachings from others.

1. Look into a mirror.

2. Smile and keep repeating: I Love You

3. And use the love mudra/sign, which is the third and forth fingers folded down, the rest are up.

You will soon feel the energy and mood shift, guaranteed! Keep chanting over and over til you feel full of love. This may be one of the greatest and easiest techniques of all time.

(You can of course use any and all affirmations with any of the dozens of mudras out there for this mirror technique.)

This combines teachings from the following:

1. Louise Hay’s mirror work and I Love You affirmations.

2. Feng Shui Dana reminding me that Louise’s technique is essentially a feng shui multiplier, since mirrors reflect and double things.

3. Mudras, I learned from many different sources over the years, most recently through a feng shui consultation with teacher Laurie Pawli.

From her, I learned that chanting with mudras, a technique used at the end of a feng shui consultation, invokes three aspects: our mind (visualization), our speech (words), and our body (mudra). Very powerful.

4. The term “Love Bomb” or I think “Love Bathing”, I originally heard from EFT teacher Dawson Church, which is a technique he uses with his wife.