You do you

June 28, 2017

Are you like me?

In that when we want to try a new thing, we try to get our friends and family involved. Since they have no clue what we’re talking about, because they haven’t walked the same path as us, they resist and dismiss us.

You want to clutter clear but they aren’t into it. You want to eat clean but your parents aren’t into it and even criticize you.

You want to hire a maid to come clean the house but your husband says no.

In these situations, we usually try to convince and brow beat them, trying our hardest to make them submit. The more we try though, they resist even harder. It’s like trying to get the dog to eat the damn banana stuffed with pills.

After the fight, we give up from exhaustion. Nothing gets done.

A new thing I’ve been mindful of is to stop myself in those moments of trying to convince others, and to simply do the thing myself.

Instead of getting everyone to clutter clear, I simply do my room.

Instead of convincing the family to fix our hvac system, because there’s always dust particles floating in the air, I put air purifying plants in my room, a vent filter, and using a negative ion generator.

My family, for some insane Indian reason, resists using the dishwasher, yet complains every day about dirty dishes in the sink and clean dishes taking up space on the counter.

I tried my best to get them all to use the dishwasher, but the fight was never won. Meanwhile the sands of time went by.

So I just started using the dishwasher for myself. They can do whatever they wish. And if they want to try and stop me, I got these hands ready.

Not afraid to (metaphorically) pimp slap someone for my principles, even a parent. Sometimes god works thru a kid’s hands too, old heads!

The next time you’re bright-eyed and excited to try a new thing, just do it. Don’t waste precious energy converting the laggards.