Holy Shit. Allergic to Incense Smoke, Polyester Sheets (& more)

June 27, 2017

I just had the most surreal experience.
And I wanna tell you about it.

(I use the words allergic and irritant/sensitivity interchangeably. What I mean is that I have an adverse reaction to that thing. I guess a stressed immune response would be the phrase.)

As part of my ongoing experiments in health, I gave up (gasp) coffee! My one true love. I said bye bye, for now, to her.

I haven’t gone without coffee or a caffeinated product for more than 20 years. I wanted to see what removing coffee/caffeine would do for my anxiety issues as well as gut health (coffee speeds up bowel movement). Abstaining also helps in adrenal fatigue recovery.

I was also doing it because I had been feeling MUCH better these days, thanks to my low lectin diet and other miscellaneous supplements like magnesium and liquid minerals in sea salted water. It’s also summer with long bright sunny days.

I’ve also been checking my heart rate quite frequently during the day, especially after every meal, to see if I’m having any allergic/sensitivity reaction to the things I ate. This is known as the Coca pulse test which I mentioned a little while ago.

I also go to the forests a lot because I feel great there. The fresh air, sunlight. I suspected that our house may not be perfectly built when it comes to clean air flow. I don’t think most homes are. This is known as sick building syndrome. Too many synthetic products, chemicals, fumes, poor hvac system, not enough fresh air, etc.

So I had been feeling great today after going to the forest as usual. Came home in a great mood. I lit my incense and started drinking my turmeric golden milk. All of a sudden I felt quite sleepy and dizzy. This is normal and typically I just succumb to this feeling by taking a nap. This time, I resisted and went to the bathroom to splash myself with some cold water.

Came back to my bed and checked my heart rate (out of habit) before passing out. Heart was beating at around 134bpm! That is high cardio levels for me. My baseline is usually 69-75bpm.

Was I allergic/sensitive to coconut milk? I wondered?
But I have had coconut milk before without any issues. Nor have had any issues with turmeric and black pepper.

What else?
Was I allergic/sensitive to the incense burning in my room?

I did a quick google search as I felt dizzy, resisting sleep, and found that that is a thing. The smoke + co2 + other ingredients in the incense smoke are irritants to the lungs. Some people have really bad reactions.

I hadn’t used incense in a long while but had started once again. Mind you, I was doing this in a closed bedroom, windows shut since we got the ac on.

I stumbled out of my room and downstairs. Waited a few minutes and checked the heart rate. It was still high, but much lower than 134. It hovered around 115bpm.

I went back into my room with the smoke.
HR shot up to 134-140bpm. I checked my heart rate while standing next to the smoke as well as by lying down in my bed. Tried different positions in the room.

I left the room to another room.
After a few moments, hr went down.

So next, I came back to my room holding my breath, put out the incense stick, opened the window, turned on my high density negative ionizer that I had stashed in the closet, and turned on the fan. Then left.

A couple hours later, all the smoke had vanished.
I lay down on my bed and felt super dizzy. Heart rate shot up to around 137bpm, then drastically down to 57bpm.

Was it my crappy polyester bedsheets and pillow covers?

Why did I think that?

Now this is another coincidence.
I only use cheap ass polyester bedsheets, because I didn’t know it mattered. Though I have heard others mention that natural products are best, I assumed it didn’t affect me.

A month or so ago, I was all out of bedsheets. All of em were dirty. I wanted to do the laundry but it was being used.

So I just walked around the house and had the idea to check one of the old linen closets no one opens. There were some bedsheets stuffed in there. I picked out some cotton ones.

That’s what I’ve been sleeping on for the past month or two as well. When it got soiled, I washed it the same day, because it felt so damn good to sleep on those compared to my itchy polyester ones.

But today, I had the old polyester ones because I was too lazy to do laundry just yet.

This was another hunch.
So I walked out of the room in a haze (when the heart rate shoots to 134 then immediately down to 57, you definitely feel it). When I left and sat elsewhere, heart rate came back up to mid 90s.

Then I replaced my shit sheets with another pair of cotton ones I found in that old linen closet. Sat down and checked my heart rate again. In a few moments, it went back to the 80s.

I think the incense smoke irritation was so high that it also revealed polyester sensitivity?

(I also took some magnesium and drank a mug of chamomile tea, to calm my body down, since I was in full panic mode.)


It’s possible that all these years, I was poisoning myself with the crappiest of processed foods & soda, and then lectin plants (wheat, gluten, nightshades, beans, legumes, lentils), on top of that, inhaling irritants like incense and using crap synthetic bedsheets & clothes. (And I would bet that the carpet is shit material also.)

Never going outside for fresh air or sun before, especially in the winter.


I was fully poisoning myself.

Coffee would mask those problems every day, because it’s like a shot of adrenaline. This cycle continued for DECADES. Then other vitamins and supplements would also make me feel a tiny bit better (fish oil, 5htp, tyrosine, fir sauna, enemas, h2o2, b12, vitamin d, and such).

It’s very odd that no doctor or blood test ever revealed these issues. I’ve been to so many docs and have spent so much on random tests.

Anyways, hope something in this story helps you in your life as well.

I think these kinda things affect me quite severely since I’m a highly sensitive person. I read a doctor’s website where he talks about the highly sensitive body and how hsps have hsbs! That was news to me, but also makes sense.

(Don’t worry, my heart rate is back to a respectable 83bpm now ;)