Why we quarrel

June 26, 2017

Trifles and annoyances.
Uncivilized behavior. Being an animal.

Cutting nails on the kitchen table. Blowing nose into a cloth napkin at a fancy restaurant.

Peeing with the door open. Leaving the toilet seat up. Leaving it down. Amber splashes.

Dirty dishes. Clean ones not put away in the proper places.

Soiled clothes on the floor.

Snoring. Picking teeth. Burping out loud as if there’s a prize to be won.

Wanting too much sex. Too little. Wanting variety. Being vanilla.

Being an animal gets tiring for others. Being too civilized becomes tiring for the actor.

Even monks are annoyed at their compatriots for leaving the window open at nite.

If we could all simply smack each other around without consequences, like Moe with Larry, we would relieve all that built up pressure.

Since we cannot do that, not without getting lawyers involved anyways, we resort to beating up virtual pedestrians in Grand Theft Auto. And guiltily enjoy watching Ray squabble with Debra.