Good Vibrations

June 26, 2017

(This happened!
We got multiple witnesses!!)

We were desiring to try out a new restaurant. A fresh experience.

As one does, we turned to yelp and started searching and sorting and finagling until we found a spot of agreement. A highly rated chinese place.

We pulled up to the place and I noticed that the cramped parking lot was nearly full.

As we reached the front door, another lady sprinted up, nearly dislocating her wrist trying to get in before us.

I didn’t notice what she was doing at first, but nonetheless I held the door open for her straggling son walking behind us. He had a look of surprise at me doing that and politely walked in.

Later, someone from our group revealed that we had parked and gotten to the door first. Seeing this, another family stopped their car on the side, unparked, so that the lady could run in and get her name down before us.

Odd behavior, I thought.

Inside, multiple families waiting to get in, with folks constantly coming in and out of the place.

Anyways, we were #7 and I suppose they were #6. That family sat across from us in the waiting room, and the mom and son said something in a different language, I assumed about getting in before us. I was starting to get paranoid.

Instead of letting that negative momentum build, I breathed deep and focused on something more pleasant. How delicious the food will be. How excited I am to discover this gem of a place. All the different varieties of people walking in and out of the place, old and young, every ethnicity.

Everyone seemed happy to be here and they all were dressed in fresh colorful clothes. Another curious thing to me.

I overheard others remark that the wait is 25-30 minutes. It did not worry me, but I did ask the group if we should go somewhere else. It was decided that this place may be worth the wait.

I changed my attention to a card game on my phone.

Another family waiting there said they wouldn’t be able to hear the hostess calling from this location, so they moved elsewhere.

I focused on deep breaths, keeping my heart rate low (a new hobby of mine), and winning that card game.

Soon, we heard the hostess yell for #3. Not bad, we’re #7 afterall.

As soon as we remarked that to each other, the hostess called out for #7! She skipped 4, 5, and that special group of 6!

Us four were led to a spacious table meant for six, prime seating with one of the rare tablecloths. Most other tables were bare. One of us remarked how ours looks like a vip table. I said that’s because we are vips.

That lady #6 kept peeking over the wall at us in jealous fits.

We proceeded to have a wonderful meal with perfect service and a grand old time.

I realized that everyone received according to their vibration.

Lady number six thought this place was too busy and she wouldn’t be seated on time, so that turned out to be true for her, even though she ran in.

That other group thought they wouldn’t be able to hear and walked elsewhere. Not sure what happened to them afterwards.

We didn’t know this place was busy at all, nor did we throw up a fuss when there was waiting. So, our vibration was not expecting anything negative.

Once we saw the place was packed, instead of getting upset, our group vibration was one of expectation, excitement, and wonder. We stumbled onto a wonderful happening place it seemed.

We didn’t let it bother us when others said how it would take almost thirty minutes to be seated. And we got seated ahead of others in what seemed like five minutes of wait!

We got two different sets of fortune cookies, through a mixup of different waiters, resulting in two sets of good messages.

We also got a free scoop of ice cream with a candle on it, for it being one’s birthday, though the actual bday was a day prior, but the waiter didn’t need to know that. (Hey, we don’t gotta be perfect saints!)

Lastly, the food was amazing and the bill was so shockingly low that we all took turns analyzing it.

Good vibrations!

(PS: We didn’t all plan to put out good vibrations purposely, though that would be wise to do, it just happened that way that we were all in good moods, resulting in a wonderful fun experience.)