North by Northwest (1959)

June 25, 2017

What a great movie!
(But I’m sure you already knew that.)

The next classic I checked out was this Hitchcock masterpiece, North by Northwest.

I’ve seen his other films in the past, without much appreciation, but I was a different person back then. My eyes had been ruined by the high fructose corn syrup of today’s cinema.

I went on a media fast for a bunch of years, nearly no tv or movies. Now my eyes can appreciate the subtle taste of the classics.

Hitchcock tells a great story without using blood, explicit sex, extreme violence, or other visuals I’m used to in the modern age. Nothing wrong with those things but he realizes that the viewer’s imagination can conjure up much better & worse things than he can ever put on the screen.

The movie is an action, thriller, suspense, romance movie.
Great acting and a lot of visual treats for the eyes.

I liked it a lot, even though the actors often pretended to walk in front of a green screen with moving scenery. Or when they use a stationary car with a green screen behind it, to simulate driving. Clunky special effects for today, but cutting edge back then. All those things, for some reason, made the movie even better.

Cary Grant, of course, is classic.
Tall and chiseled good looks. Wonderful actor.
Looks great in a suit, that bastard.

I fell in love with the terrific blonde actress Eva Marie Saint.

I saw an interview by Alfred Hitchcock where he talks about the subtle cool sexiness of female leads, which he prefers, rather than the overt bosomy hot sex symbols. I can see his point.

Most of the innuendo & tension between the two leads is conveyed through wordplay and the eyes, not the cleavage. (I don’t think Eva exposed any skin at all in the movie, not even legs! Somehow Hitchcock got me to desire her nonetheless.)

That’s all I gotta say about the film. I don’t want to spoil anything. Go check it out if you haven’t already. See it again, if you have.

North by Northwest