June 25, 2017

Twenty minutes. That’s all it takes.

It doesn’t matter how icky and brainy I feel before. Does not matter if I had just been around a full blown argument for the ages.

If I can make it to the forest on a sunny day, and just sit there, even in my car with the windows open, doing nothing special in particular, maybe even fiddle with my phone, after about twenty minutes, I will have been reborn.

Fresh mind.
Peaceful heart.
Flow state.

It’s as if the forest, with its fresh air, peaceful scenery, and engulfing cocoon, gives me a power wash. The forest entrains me to nature’s rhythm and I leave with a high.

The only times it will not work as well is if it’s a gloomy day.

Or if I have company. Because if you go with someone, it will lead to a lot of conversation and mental churn. That is the opposite of what we want.

The goal of forest bathing is to be still. The muck & mud in our mind will eventually settle down to the bottom if we do nothing, leaving clear water up top.