Exaggerate The Positive

June 25, 2017

Talking to other people.
One of the trickiest parts about law of attraction.

How’s that health challenge going, they ask.

How’s your job search?

Are you and so and so still not getting along?

These are normal conversation topics. They ask because they’re curious and want to be interested in our life.

Since we want to be honest “on the level” people, we tell it like it is.

We even sprinkle a bit of spice to give the story a kick.

The other person responds accordingly. Tsk tsk, they say. I’m sorry that is happening to you. Have you tried such and such thing?

We respond back, returning the ping pong, as does a good conversationalist.

And there!
We’ve done it.
Created more unwanted momentum to that already challenging subject. Poured another jugful onto the waterlogged plant.

We told it like it is so we attract more of that. Since we added some spice to the story, the “more of that” comes back with an extra bite next time.

So we have to tell a new story. Exaggerate for better.

Some of the outlandish folks will simply start saying outlandish lies. Even though that works for them, it is a bit much for us to do.

We may not want to jump in all the way into the deep end but we can dip our toes in telling a better feeling story.

My health is improving a lot these days, we say. My body is very resilient. I’m seeing a lot of great signs.

They want more details.

So we will tactfully change the subject to the great tasting waffle we’re currently eating.

Or that great new show we’ve just seen.

Or we can even pretend to choke on a piece of marshmallow and make a graceful exit out the bathroom window. Whatever it takes.