June 23, 2017

Whatever you focus on expands.

I figured out a piece of this law of attraction puzzle recently, something I had been inadvertently doing.

I only noticed this in myself when I saw someone else make the same mistake.

This person has a habit of pricking her finger and checking her blood sugar EVERY SINGLE DAY. Two or three times!!

Then laments that the blood sugar is too high, feels guilty, and stops eating for the rest of the day. Yet, no matter how hard she tries, the blood sugar never becomes normal.

I noticed another guy, who has a habit of saying there are problems in the world. If you do a word cloud on him, the most repeated word would indeed be “problem.”

And lo and behold, he is surrounded by problems. Things break down all around him, the same things that work fine in my hands.

It’s the classic law of attraction negative loop. Focus on something bad. It keeps repeating. Focus on it again. It repeats again. Groundhog’s Day.

We all do this.

I had a habit of standing on the scale and checking my weight, first thing in the morning, every day, for nearly 20 years!! That act never helped me lose weight, but did ensure I had a terrible rest of the day. Eventually I kicked the habit, like a smoker with cigarettes.

But now I check other things that aren’t working. Other stats in my life. I keep track and obsess over these things, like the eye of sauron focusing on his target.

What is it about humans that we have to keep looking at things that are not working??

There are millions of other things that are working! Perfectly. Just look around and inside. Literally most things do work fine.

And when we shift our focus to well-being, those things that weren’t working will lose their edge and start going right as well.

Every single thing that happens today is a reflection of our thoughts from yesterday.

“Keep reminding yourself:
I get what I think about,
whether I want it or not.”

– Wayne Dyer