June 21, 2017

I met a complete moron today.

This person walked into my house and said that I had gained weight. That was a random off the cuff comment, we were not discussing that subject at all.

I notice this is a common thing for South Indians to do, especially the older folks. They’ll make personal comments as if it’s their duty to do so. “You’re getting fat” is like saying “Hello, nice weather isn’t it” for other cultures.

I smiled and made a calm point that one should not say those types of things. Say something nice or don’t say anything at all. Hasn’t she ever heard of social protocol? How to win friends and influence people? C’mon! Complete amateur hour.

Later in the conversation, she lamented that someone in the community had called her fat and now she’s basically starving herself to lose some weight.

I pointed out the irony in this, that she was doing to me what another had done to her, but for some reason, she couldn’t grasp the idea.

They’re everywhere.

The grand irony is that I used to be one of those types of people when I came to the states. Completely clueless.

I recognized myself in her, so I took pity. Chose not to strike back with my sharpened swords. She’s only armed with a plastic fork.

I could’ve decimated her whole day, week, and even the next decade with my words.

How do I know?
Because that happened to me back in the day. Some uncle came to our house, way back when, and said I was getting fat. It felt like someone had taken a sword and cut me open, in front of everyone.

I had no life skills to handle those types of comments back then. It ruined my decade or so as I went through various crash diets to get my body back into shape.

But now things are different.

I have a proper firewall, a malware checker, virus protection, spam filter, and multiple layers of security programs running at all times.

I got two factor authentication enabled. I got backups, and backups for my backups. I even have the latest operating system, while this girl is still running Windows 95, if you catch my drift.

That’s life.

I was surprised that her comment only annoyed me for a brief moment while my security programs automatically put those words into quarantine. Now it’s been erased and I can go on with a serene day.

I’ve apparently come a long way since 1992.