Yo Momma

June 20, 2017

Have you ever heard this saying?

That you should not die without having sung your song. Or that walking along the graveyard, one wonders how much unused talent is down there. So many people died without living life to the fullest. And so on?

This is a motivational type thing to get us to wake up and do what we really want to do in life.

Well meaning as it may be, I feel like it is not 100% accurate.

Here’s what I mean.

We don’t go to the junkyard and lament over all the broken tvs and radios and cry that there were so many songs and shows they could’ve played.

Because we know that the radio & tv sets were not the creators of the media. They’re just the vessel that plays the songs and shows (& damn commercials).

The newest radio will play the same stations as the old broken one. And a satellite radio will play even more. Internet radio? Fuggetaboutit.

I think humans are the same way.

If you don’t write that book, don’t worry, someone else will. If you don’t sing that song, it will go to another person with the talents to belt out that tune. That’s the way it works.

This should take the pressure off from having to live up to ridiculous superhuman standards to change the world or write the next great american novel and whatnot. You can just be you. Enjoying this moment.

If anything, you should sing and write and draw to be like the mountain climber planting his flag. To show that you were first!

If you don’t feel like climbing,
just sit back, relax, and let someone else do it. Nbd!