June 20, 2017

Twelve archetypes.
They’re everywhere.

For example, Spongebob Squarepants represents the Innocent. He is wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, doing what he loves, and enjoying life. He suspects no one or no thing. He is also the Hero of his story. Patrick Star is the comic relief friend, playing the Jester.

In real life, someone like Warren Buffett is a Sage. The wise old guy who likes to teach the young ones. Yoda is a sage. Older Obi Wan. Morpheus.

There’s the Magician character like Gandalf. Merlin. Dumbledore. Doc Brown. A real life magician? Maybe Pharrell. And the law of attraction folks.

All of the archetypes appear within us.
We’re not just one thing, but all the things. At times, one type may come to the forefront while others take a back seat.

To me, Warren Buffett may be a Sage, but to himself, he’s the Hero of his own story. He looks up to other Sages for advice, people like Benjamin Franklin & Benjamin Graham. He may also be a Lover at home. A Rebel within his family. A Sovereign in his company. An Innocent when it comes to his blind spots. A Jester amongst his friends, to make them laugh. And so on.

I remember being the Innocent, for far too long a period my life. This likely happened from moving around many times in my youth, not having deep enough roots to settle into life, and being very sheltered from overprotective parents. I just didn’t know much about the world. Seasoned veterans of life called me naive and gullible.

I remember meeting adults who would look at me like an anomaly. They would ask me serious & personal questions and I would simply answer openly. I had no guile and did not suspect them of ill will.

Growing up, I enjoyed playing the Sovereign. Being president of an organization and then running a company.

Nowadays, I enjoy the Sage and Magician aspects of myself. I like to read and share what I’m learning on this blog. Trying to be an alchemist and create magic in my life.

There’s also the Rebel in me who threw out all my ties, collar shirts, and suits down a garbage chute one frustrated morning, because I no longer wanted to be one of those people. I pulled an Office Space.

If you see me on the street, to you I’m just a plain Citizen character. The every man.

In your story, you’re of course the Hero.
And so it goes.

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