Law of Attraction + Emwave2

June 12, 2017

All the mystics talk about high vibration. Get to love, joy, and appreciation, say the law of attraction teachers. That’s where all the magic is.

How to get there?
I wondered for a long while.

Just feel good. Think good thoughts. Remember good memories. Make gratitude lists and such. Do it long enough til you get a feeling.

That’s fine and well. It works but it’s hard to know if you’re doing it right. I can be a heady person who isn’t always aware of emotions floating around my body.

I wished for an electronic method to know that I was on the right path. Can’t a machine tell me when I’ve reached that place?

One morning, I was opening random cupboards and such around the house, for no real purpose at all, when I found it.

There was the box for heartmath emwave gadget lying amongst other clutter like unused candles, matches, and plastic spoons.

I had forgotten about this thing.

I bought one of these for my parents back in 2012, as a son typically does for his parents when discovering the next cool thing “THAT COULD CHANGE YOUR WHOLE LIFE!!”

Like any other parent, they humored me in the moment, then stashed it away in the junk drawer.

For myself, I had originally purchased a different heartmath gadget that plugs into my laptop. That worked well but I got sick of sitting next to my computer everytime I wanted to use the damn thing.

So next year, I bought the mobile emwave, which plugs into my iphone. That worked fine until apple changed the damn plugs and this wouldn’t fit my new phone.

Then I forgot about heartmath altogether until I found this box again.

I ran back to my room and luckily the gadget was still in the box. Mint condition.

Emwave2 is the size of a small deck of cards, maybe a little smaller. It does not require a laptop or a mobile phone, though you can hook it up to your pc if you desire to see the advanced analytics.

It’s a simple thing with lights and a pulse sensor. You rest your thumb on the thing and start breathing deeply thru your heart. You can think good thoughts and memories to juice it up some more, to get the heart into high coherence.

A red light means you’re not doing it right. A blue light means you’re in medium coherence. A green one means high. Another blue light at the bottom pulses along with your heartbeat, a live reading.

There are also rewarding beeps the thing makes, to make you feel like you’re accomplishing something. One tone when you hit the blue zone and another ding when you reach the green.

Advanced adjustments can be made to make the thing brighter or dimmer, louder or silent, and even adjust the difficulty levels.

The gadget is also ultra simple. There’s only one switch on the whole thing. You can press on the top or bottom of the switch for different settings. The same switch also has the pulse sensor on it.

Once you hit the green zone, your whole body is in sync, the heart beating ideally and its coherence harmonizing the brain as well.

This is the perfect gadget to use to know if you’re in a high vibration! The heart only gets into high coherence when you think high vibratory thoughts like appreciation, love, and joy!! (I had never realized this before.)

Now… it is a bit pricey.
When I bought it for my parents, it was around $227. Now it’s $199 on amazon.

I like to spend money on quality food, books, and health related stuff; rather than cars, clothes, shoes, and watches. So this was right up my alley.

If you’re like me, you will enjoy this little portable “vibration checker” as well.

Heartmath Emwave2