June 11, 2017

EFT works.
If I have a headache, I can tap and soon the pain will be reduced. If I’m angry or upset, a couple minutes of tapping will get me out of that state. It really is a miraculous tool!

Why then do I not do it more often?
When I have a headache, I let it build and pound and throb until tears leak outta my eyes. When I’m angry, I let it burn a hole in my stomach for hours until it becomes absolutely unbearable.

Why not just tap the pain away asap ?
I think it’s the same reason I find it a hassle to floss, clean the bathroom, or throw out the trash. It’s a chore and the mind is rebelling.

It’s easier to sit with anger and suffer than to make up my mind and start tapping to feel relief.
How odd!