June 8, 2017

The world does NOT need saving.

Once you’re on the spiritual path, the classic thing will be to try to share things you learn with others around your vicinity. Family, friends, coworkers. Literally zero of them will know what you’re talking about. If you’re lucky, one will relate to you somewhat. Maybe your cat will also listen and feign interest, but she probably already knew all these things way before you.

I remember watching movies as a child where a character would be sleepwalking and an awake person tries to shake them awake. All that would happen is the sleepwalker punches them in the face or some other comedic three stooges result. A slap in the face, a kick in the groin, fingers bitten.

Later in the day, when both are awake and eating lunch, the sleepwalker couldn’t even remember doing the things he did! Whoopsie, he says with a sly smile.

If you see yourself as a savior, you will find people to save.
And those are not the types of people you want to hang around with if you want to have an enjoyable fun experience. Nothing wrong with being a martyr, that’s your choice, but we all know how that story ends.

If you see the world as perfect, and that everyone can wake themselves at their own pace, then you can relax and enjoy life. Everyone has an inner being and a whole slew of spiritual guides.

It’s not your responsibility to be the universal alarm clock.
And worst of all, trying to wake people doesn’t work! They’ll be aggravated and you’ll be exhausted.

Feed them. Clothe them. Be kind, if you can. But don’t wake them.

And there are way more awake folks than us. How would you feel if they burst into your room one morning and tried to shake you awake? Rip off the blankets, splash a bucket of cold water on your face. Shout that your awakeness is simply an illusion and that you need to wake up to the real reality! That this is a dream within a dream within a dream. How annoying!

Let sleeping dogs lie.