Meal Prep

June 8, 2017

I really got into meal prep this week.
This after a couple years of struggling to cook every day and trying to decide what to eat for every single meal! How insane is that in hindsight?!

That takes so much mental energy & willpower that I had no time to focus on anything else in life. I guess I didn’t hang around any bodybuilders to know about macros and meal prep strategies before.

We don’t learn anything unless there’s an urgent need anyways. First I needed to get off of junk food. That took a lifetime. Then I had to learn how to grocery shop and cook, that took a while. Next, I had to figure out which foods I was allergic to and which I could eat; took another bunch of time.

Now that I know what I can eat, I need to eat the right amount every day, and make it as easy as possible.

So, I bought a bunch of meal prep containers from amazon. My goal is to cook once or twice a week max.

I have a blender bottle to make protein shakes easily.

I also bought a gallon jug for my water intake. I had been using a 34 ounce bottle, but the refilling process took too much effort to get my 140 ounce goal per day. It was also hard to keep track of how many bottles I had already drank. Now I can simply drink out of the one gallon jug and I’m already at 128 ounces.

I love people who are totally obsessed with stuff and I found this video to help me out. This dude takes it to the max when it comes to meal prep, weighing food, and macros. I learned a lot from this.

1. Meal Prep Containers
2. Gallon Water Jug
3. Blender Bottle Stainless Steel