End of Depression

June 6, 2017

Yup, it’s over.

Sleeping all day. Constant fatigue. Brain full of negative thoughts. Being nervous. Anxiety. Self-consciousness. Low self-esteem.

No more prozac, wellbutrin, or paxil. No more blood tests. No more expensive therapy. No more cold showers or fish oil. No 5-Htp, tyrosine, or Sam-E. No more chugging coffee to stay awake. No more sitting in front of three brightboxes at a time. No more essential oils or crystals or homepathic sprays. (No more mushrooms or fappin 5x a day to feel good either ;). Those were all just training wheels.

The title of these books tell the whole story: Fire Your Doctor and Doctor Yourself. Both by Andrew Saul.

You don’t have to read the books, the titles alone are worth the price of admission.

I also like the title of a talk by a Buddhist monk. Be Your Own Therapist, she says. The talk wasn’t that great, but that’s ok, the title more than makes up for it.

I wanted to be sure this worked long term before telling you about it, but it’s only been a bunch of weeks and I didn’t want to hold back any longer.

It all comes down to the gut, say the new wave of enlightened doctors, and was said by that Hippocrates dude hundreds of years ago. Why then did we have to go thru the whole charade of prescription medication and other bullshit all these years?

Because there’s no money in the cure?

Get yourself on the blood type diet (Eat Right For Your Type) by Dr. Peter D’Adamo. The cure is food. Eat what he says and avoid what he says. It’s based on reducing allergenic lectins, specifically for your blood type.

Check out Medical Medium’s books too, it’s got sections for depression. The cure is also simply food.

What? These folks too out there for ya?

Then get on the low-lectin diet (Plant Paradox) by Dr. Steven Gundry. He’s a proper renowned allopatic doctor for all ya’ll that care about that kinda stuff.

Get rid of all the junk processed food and even healthy allergenic plant food. Shit like beans, legumes, tomatoes, eggplants, wheat, and such. Nothing wrong with these plants, but if you’re weak and depressed, most likely these lectin-filled plants are dropping bombs in your gut.

Get yourself some b12, the right kind. Some vitamin d3 and magnesium. Put some sea salt in your drinking water. Drink enough water. Get adequate protein, carbs, and fats in your meals. The macros. Eat a bunch of healthy stuff, whatever’s left after you get rid of junk & lectin foods.

Get in a fir sauna if you got one. Not a necessity but that helps rid body of junk. Maybe an epsom salt bath, which does a similar thing.

Get some fresh air and sun.

Come back in a week and see how you feel. Wait a month and you won’t ever look back again.

And in the meantime, if you’re one of those openminded folks, work on getting rid of emotional junk too. Do some eft. Do some journaling with some affirmations and positive cognitive reframes. Think good thoughts. Avoid all negative people, places, shows, and things as if they’re poisonous.

That’s it.
Fire your doctor. Then doctor yourself. And be your own therapist.

End of depression. (And diarrhea, allergies, weakness, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, ….)