June 5, 2017

A long long time ago, before podcasts, youtube, google, amazon, blogs, 5-htp, fish oil, 23andme, microbiome project, and the like, I was having a very difficult time during a very dark season.

For some reason, I was drawn to Back to The Future.
I bought and watched all three dvds back to back to back every day of that winter. Every. Single. Day. It was like medicine.

I watched it as if it were a documentary on how to change your life. I watched it like a basketball player watches game tape.

How the heck does Marty McFly, who starts off the movie with a shitty family and a shitty life, come back around to the end with a wonderful family and even that jeep he wanted?!

I paused at certain spots, rewinding at others to hear exactly what was said. I even listened to the director’s commentary to get more clues.

And believe it or not, my life did change.
Just like in the movie. It took a while, but everything changed around.

That’s the power of movies & storytelling. It gives us hope and encouragement to keep going. It gives us comfort. Inspiration. Motivation. The right story really can change our whole life.