Law of Attraction

June 3, 2017

Third Degree Black Belt.
That’s what it takes to master law of attraction.

I’m not saying this to discourage you. That’s just the way it goes.

I remember the first day I went to a brazilian jiu jitsu class. In hindsight, I had no business being there, I was just trying the latest thing everyone was into.

Right before lining up, I walked over to the poster on the wall. It was a chart of belts and how long it takes to get each one. You start off with a pristine white belt. With any real work, hopefully that white belt will turn into a dingy white one with a few black stripes on it.

And after about 10 years, if you are regular and diligent in things, you’ll have a pristinely new black belt of your own.

10 YEARS??!
And that’s just to get to the bottom of the black belts. There are still more rungs to the ladder of mastery.

I asked the owner if anyone has gotten it sooner. Like how fast can I get a black belt if I try really hard. He chuckled. Apparently that’s a cliche thing every new student asks.

I gave the whole thing my best college try and lasted about a month and a half before tapping out. BJJ is not for me.

There were many a times when I tapped out to law of attraction. Told myself it was a fad and that I no longer need to worry about it. I’m better than some silly thing such as this. I can just live my life like every other human. There are billions out there that simply, I don’t know, live and a lot of them seem happy.

The problem is once you know something, you can’t unknow it. Once you know that there’s msg in chinese takeout, it’s hard not to notice the weird headaches you get after eating some delicious kung pao chicken.

Law of attraction.

When you first start out, I’m sure you’ve noticed that you get a lot of good hits. You think of parking spaces, and bam. There it is, a car pulling out up front just as you’re getting there. You go to a busy restaurant and pretend there’ll be a spot opening up for you, and bam. There’s a couple getting up and walking out and the owner waves for you to wait just a second; they’ll have that table in tip top shape for you. Universal vip service, indeed.

After a while, loa stops working. The big things you want just don’t come. The money, the cars, the women.

That’s known as the grind.
Every journey has them.

Oh you want to be a standup comedian?
Well, here’s your first big laugh to get you hooked. Then it’s gonna take you more than 10 years just to become decent. If you want to be great, it’s going to take MUCH longer. This separates the ones who love the game from the rest.

That’s how law of attraction is.
You get beginner’s luck to get you hooked. And then it takes a bit of a grind to make well-being your dominant intention.

Unlike jiu jitsu, you cannot quit law of attraction. Your thoughts attract circumstances whether you want to or not. Groundhog Day is not a fictional film, it’s fact. If you’re careless, you’ll keep attracting the same crap over and over and over and over. And worse yet, since you now know about LOA, you’re aware that you’re doing that to yourself. You’re touching the hot stove repeatedly.

There’s gravity to all the negative thoughts and self-talk we’ve practiced over the years up until this point. There’s gravity to all the thoughts others have instilled in us. Family, friends, teachers, news. It takes work to escape that gravitational pull.

The good news is that over time, it gets easier and easier. The negative thought forms get deactivated one by one as you lean more and more towards what you really want to attract into your life. It’s like surfing, I imagine. You’re not a pro the first time you get out there. After a bunch of practice, because you love it so damn much to be on top of the waves, you’ll have no choice but to get better.

I first learned of law of attraction, without knowing what it was called, through Think and Grow Rich, way back in 2007. Then I learned about the pure Abraham Hicks LOA in 2008. Now it’s 2017 and I’ve got a dirty dingy brown belt on, looking lustily at that pristine black one.

All of this doesn’t mean it will also take you 10 years.

You can get it right away and off you go, from day one.
Or maybe it’ll take you 6 months. Or a year, I don’t know. It’s not a time thing, but more of an understanding and applying thing. You could be like Mozart and start making symphonies right away. Who knows.