Don’t Go To Funerals

June 3, 2017

I stopped going to both.
Funerals and Weddings.

I know, I know.
What will other people think?
How rude of me! How selfish!

Who cares.
(I do, but I just turn off my phone and don’t answer calls or look at emails for a while.)

If you’re the type of person with a title like marketing manager, and have a wife and three kids, live in a typical house with a two car garage in the burbs and drive the latest suv, because it gets good mileage and has tons of room for the fam, yet it’s not as lame as driving a minivan, then by all means, you should go to funerals. That’s your life now. Going to things. PTA meetings. Weddings. Funerals. Kid’s parties. Happy hour.

But if you’re sensitive, or live outside the norm, or plain just don’t want to go to funerals because they’re depressing and full of small talk, and you gotta dress up in a suit and tie even though you tossed out all those types of clothes when you quit your last job, then don’t go.

Fuck it. Who cares what people think and say and feel. You gotta take care of you first and foremost. The dead person is long and gone to the other side. Probably jumping up and down in joy that they no longer have to do the human thing anymore. Their family stuck back on earth are of course sad and depressed. You going and also being depressed is serving no one.