The Perfect Bite

June 2, 2017

Why do we love sushi?
Why do we love sandwiches?
Tacos? Burritos? Chopped salads?

Because they have a bunch of ingredients in the proper portions, arranged just so that every bite is a perfect blend of flavors.

Today, I discovered the best way to eat my healthy food.
Mash it all up!

I took a bunch of basmati rice congee, pressure cooked to perfection, not too wet. Two broiled wild-caught salmon fillets. About half a raw onion chopped. Some sea salt, nutritional yeast, garlic powder, and extra virgin olive oil; adjusted according to my taste.

Take a fork and mash that summamabitch up until you get an even distribution of ingredients.

It’s SO good. A revolutionary way to eat.
The perfect bite, every bite.

Enjoy with a bottle of San Pellegrino.

(And every ingredient in this meal is a “superfood” for my body!)