Temporary Results

May 31, 2017

When things that work for others only give you temporary results:
You go the therapist and feel good after that hour. But the next day you start feeling that dreadful terrible feeling again.

You take an advil for a headache and get relief. But the next day, about the same time, the migraines are back.

You try out EFT for depression and get results. But the next day, the same problem arises.

Acupuncture yields pain relief. Then it’s back again later.

You feel good some days and other days terrible. You feel good at someone’s house but terrible at your apartment. Feels terrible at the office but great during a forest stroll.

These are all clues that something else is wrong at the core that you need to address. This is when you need to investigate all the things you consume and are in proximity.

What are you eating?
Are you allergic to certain foods and not know it? Are you eating a bunch of inflammation causing stuff like lectins? Lactose or gluten intolerance?

Are you not getting enough nutritious foods like vegetables and protein? Healthy fats?

Are you drinking terrible polluted water without knowing it?

Does you house have poor hvac system, no fresh air or light? Otherwise known as sick building syndrome.

Are there a bunch of electrical equipment around your bed? EMFs?

Are your clothes and bedsheets made of shit artificial materials? Have you tried switching to all natural fibers like cotton?

Synthetic carpets leaking fumes?
Is there mold?
Something else in the air?

Do you have a virus? Bacterial infection? Fungus and yeasts? Some type of unknown illness? Diabetic?

How are your gums? When’s the last time you flossed? Do they bleed and constant tooth aches? Periodontal disease?

Are you getting enough sun and vitamin d? The right kind of B12? Are you deficient in minerals and vitamins? Are you drinking enough clean water?

How’s your blood sugar? Are you eating clean foods frequently?

What does your urine look like? How often? Too much or too little? Is there a smell?

How about your poops. Solid vs liquid? Size? Shape? Color? Smell? Frequency?

Have you gotten blood tested? Often though it won’t show all the things that could be wrong.

Adrenal fatigue? Leaky Gut? Candida?

Toxic heavy metals? Mercury?
Pesticides and other chemicals?

Keep a chart of how you feel throughout the day and where you are. Keep a chart of everything you consume and how you feel afterwards, even hours later. Keep a detailed poop log. Urine log. This will yield massive results in your investigation!