Remove. Keep. Add.

May 31, 2017

That’s the basic formula for improvement.

Clutter Clearing
Toss out the stuff that’s old, broken, useless.
Keep the stuff that you love.
Only add more things you love.

Health & Diet
Remove crap.
Keep stuff that’s working.
Add things that’re known to improve health.

Emotional Health
Use EFT or whatever to remove negative emotions & traumas.
This leaves whatever is already good.
Then you add positive affirmations & positive cognitive reframes on top of that.

Apply this to everything.
Gardening. Writing. Design. Relationships. Companies.

In Good to Great, Jim Collins uses the analogy of a bus driver to describe great businesses. The great leader’s job is to figure out who to keep and who to kick off the bus. The bad apples gotta go. Only then do you decide where the bus is headed. Along the way, stop and add more talented passengers to the team.

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he was surprised that though the company was near death, there were tremendously talented people still working there. They believed in the vision and stuck around all these years. Thus he knew that Apple would be all right, he had good passengers to drive.