Dangers of Artificial Sugar (found in diet soda, sugar free candy, food)

May 29, 2017

Damn. Ignorance is truly harmful to us indeed.
As a child, I was hooked on regular sodas, regular candy bars, and regular processed junk food. As an adult, I switched over to diet sodas, diet processed junk food, and diet sugar free candy.

What an epic fuckup that was.

Artificial sweeteners don’t get absorbed by our body, thus they say it’s good for us, does not raise blood sugar, and they’re zero calories.

The bad is that they end up unabsorbed and get into our intestines and start decimating our good gut bacteria. The bad bacteria take over and the cycle of craving bad food increase. Certain “bad” bacteria also increase obesity because they absorb more of the calories ingested while “good” bacteria do the opposite, absorb less calories.

So much more to discuss and learn, this is just the tip of the iceberg for me.

All those DECADES of drinking/eating fake sugars was equivalent to constantly bombarding my good gut bacteria with antibiotics. Like dropping nukes into the amazon rainforest.

And of course the god damn FDA and food companies told us these things were approved for consumption and even good for us.