Transcendental Meditation Analogy

May 18, 2017

Jerry Seinfeld
One of the main reasons I paid and learned TM Meditation is because of Jerry Seinfeld’s talks on the subject.

It’s hard to explain what TM is like to a person who hasn’t experienced it. So, he came up with an analogy.

It’s like having a cellphone and someone hands you a charger, Jerry says. TM is like the charger, it helps to recharge your phone to full power. Having a phone is ok, but when you get the charger, now you can really do something.

The analogy didn’t connect with me fully because everyone who has a cellphone also has a charger. There are no cellphones sold without one! No one has ever experienced owning a cellphone for a while without hearing about or having a charger.

So, I wanted to offer a different analogy.

Humans are like computers.
You know how after a while, the computer will start running very hot, slow, and even glitchy?

It’s because the processor has been running too long, too many programs have been opened, the memory is full, and you may have even played a graphics heavy video game or movies on it.

We automatically know what to do in moments like these. We turn it off and on again. And voila, it starts running better. All the cache has been wiped clean.

TM Meditation is as close to turning your computer off and on as we can get. When we chant the mantra, it stops most of our thoughts (aka programs) in our brain and gives it a chance to cool off.

What about sleep you may ask?
Wouldn’t sleep be enough to refresh your mind?

Like Jerry says, have you ever looked at your bed after you’ve woken up? It looks like there was a war going on.

Even during sleep, our brains are running dreams, thoughts, and other processing.

Same with a computer, if you put it into sleep mode, it won’t bring it back to fresh life again like rebooting does.

Hope that helps to clarify what TM feels like. It’s kind of like when you reboot a computer to get a fresh clean start.

I don’t think TM is the only way to achieve that state, probably any type of meditation would work. Maybe a massage, relaxing bath, yoga, other forms of exercise, or even psychedelics could also clear your brain. Though for me, TM is the only thing that has gotten me there regularly and easily.