DIY Gut Health Diagnosis (Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Leaky Gut)

May 6, 2017

“All disease begins in the gut” says Hippocrates.
One would assume that the only way to know about your gut health is to do a blood test or some other type of expensive diagnostic that only a doctor can perform. And that the only cure is to get on prescription medication.

That’s not the case as I found out.

Think of your body like a houseplant.
An experienced gardener can know exactly what’s wrong while a novice may have no idea why the plant is drooping. We don’t do “blood tests” or xrays for plants. (I’m sure someone out there is developing these techniques to make money but it’s completely unnecessary.)

An experienced human “gardener” can also know what’s wrong with us fairly quickly just by looking at us. There are two types of these human “gardeners” that I know of. Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda.

In both TCM & Ayurveda, they take a look at your tongue and they pretty much know how your whole body is doing.

TCM also checks your pulses on both hands, this tells them how 12 organ systems are doing.

Ayurveda looks at your nails to see how your body/digestion is doing.

You can also simply keep track of all of your body’s symptoms.
Too much gas, diarrhea vs constipation, burping, acid reflux, headaches couple hours after eating, passing out couple hours after eating, and food sensitivities are all signs that your gut is having problems. (Believe it or not, these things were happening to me for years but I had no idea until I started keeping notes.)

Also take a look at your urine and poop before you flush. You’ll learn quite a bit about what’s happening in your body. (Sometimes medication, supplements, and certain foods will make your urine and poop look funky, but it’s harmless.)

Once you know there is a problem, the solution is fairly simple. Remove all the things that are causing problems and add in things that will help you heal. This may take quite a bit of time to figure out but it’s worth it.

Mental Health & Gut
Lastly, I’ll mention the oddest discovery.
That poor gut health results in mental disorders.

I’ve read about this, I know about this, but every time it happens to me, I’m amazed at how odd that is. If I accidentally stub my toe, that pain doesn’t result in me being depressed and remembering bad memories. But if I eat wheat or some other trigger food, for the next two days I’ll be super depressed and have mental issues, even though my gut area feels fine! Isn’t that weird??

Apparently 95% of serotonin, our feel good neurotransmitter, is found in the bowels. And 50% of dopamine, our energy/motivating neurotransmitter, is also found in the gut. A dip in either one of these results in depression and mood issues.

So the next time you’re having a terribly depressing, low energy morning, it could’ve been caused by the gluten/dairy filled pizza you ate the other day and not because of the negative memory that’s replaying in your head as a result.

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