There’s no such thing as “vegan food”

April 29, 2017

I’ve been eating a 95% plant-based vegan diet for five months now.

Before I ate this way, I assumed “vegan food” was some weird unnatural stuff. But now I know that there is no such thing as vegan food.

Do you eat potatoes? Fries? Potato chips?
Sweet potatoes? Bananas? Blueberries? Dates? Plantains? Rice? Beans? Peas? Oats? Mushrooms? Oranges? Coconut? Cashews? Almonds? Avocadoes? Apples?

Those are all vegan!
Everyone eats “vegan food” every day, unless your diet consists of slabs of meat with sides of eggs; no veggies, grains, or fruit.

Vegan food doesn’t mean you are now eating some weird new stuff. It simply means you subtract some of the things you had been eating. Animal products.

Being a South-Indian, that means nearly everything I grew up on is technically “vegan food.” Rice. Dal. Dosas. Sambar. Dozens of veggie dishes. Roti. Idli.

The only time vegan food can be gross is if you’re eating one of those processed concoctions like vegan chicken patties or vegan sausage, made from soy. Those are disgusting. But if you just eat normal whole plant food, there’s nothing weird about it.

I wanted to clarify this point for nonvegans who are confused the same way I was.