A technique for writer’s block (nsfw?)

April 23, 2017

Sometimes I don’t feel like writing, even though I want to write.
I can’t think of what to write, how to write, and feel uninspired.
Essentially that’s known as writer’s block.

There are many ways out of writer’s block. The main issue of the block seems to be perfectionism.

If you’re sitting down to write a list of ideas, you worry that you don’t have any good ideas. You are trying to write a great post, a great article, a great chapter but nothing comes out.

It’s hard to write great things. That’s too much pressure. It’s not something you can control.

So the way out is to think of bad ideas.
Purposely write the worst article ever.

Sometimes I can’t even think of bad ideas.
So I will write the worst words possible. A bunch of words no one can ever publish.

You’re wondering what my new technique is.
Well, it’s NSFW. It’s immature. It’s silly. But it works for me.

I just write the following words….


Diarrhea in your mom’s ass.

There’s so much diarrhea in your mom’s ass.

By the time I write those words, I will start laughing hard and the writing flow comes back.