Super Easy Vegetable Juicing (No-Recipe Method)

April 13, 2017

The Old Way
The traditional way people juice is by looking at recipes. There are usually green and red juices with different veggies and fruits for each. If you’ve done this before, you know that this takes a lot of effort.

You gotta buy the stuff. You gotta store the stuff. Wash, cut, and prep the stuff into proper ratios. A “recipe” implies you have to get it right. If a recipe requires 2 apples and 1 inch of ginger, and you only have 1 apple and no ginger, you’re screwed.

I discovered a no-recipe method out of necessity.
I hadn’t juiced in many years but for some odd reason, I craved some.

So I dumped what I could into my juicer, without looking at ratios or measurements. I put in a bunch of carrots, some cabbage, ginger, celery, cucumber, basil, and parsley. Just whatever we had in the fridge.

This resulted in a super concentrated and unpalatable juice.

I also had a jug of orange juice sitting in the fridge. So I had the idea to top off my concentrated veg juice with some oj.

And guess what.
It was super tasty!

So easy. So effortless. No recipe needed.

It’s like when I used to drink alcohol. Rum and whiskey taste like ass. So we top it off with some coke. We mix cranberry with vodka. Same idea with veggie juice. Just find the topper of your choice (orange juice, apple juice, grape, cranberry) and it makes your life MUCH easier.