EFT and Meridians

March 24, 2017

EFT Can Be Confusing
Emotional Freedom Technique is very easy to do but very hard to understand. I learned EFT back in 2008 and still have confusion on how & why it works.

The only piece I want to share with you, that for some reason no one talks about clearly, is that EFT is simply about tapping on acupuncture points (while thinking of negative emotions). It’s like psychological acupuncture without the needles, as David Feinstein PhD says.

Acupuncture points are just parts of the body that correspond to certain meridians. And meridians are just lines of energy that run through the body. Confused yet?

You’ll notice that each meridian is named after an organ that it’s in charge of. (Though, Triple Heater & Pericardium aren’t associated with any organs).

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, each organ/meridian is in charge of certain emotions. Too much or too little of an emotion can mean issues with that organ/meridian. Eg: Depression is associated with Liver.

Here’s an image of 12 out of the 14 meridians.

The two that are missing from that picture are Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel.



Got it?

EFT Points
And this is what an EFT Tapping Routine Looks Like

Unprocessed or negative emotions can get stuck inside our mind, brain, or body, and tapping on these points sends jolts of energy through our body, clearing away these blockages. I won’t get into all the theory behind this but just wanted to get the basics out there.

EFT and Meridians
If you overlay the meridians and the EFT points, you notice they correspond to certain acupuncture points.

(Note: not all EFT practitioners use all of the following points. Some opt to skip top of the head and the fingers. We use either karate chop point or sore spot, not always both. Some skip the under nipple point because it can be awkward, especially for women.)

Top of Head = Governing Vessel
Beginning of Eye Brow = Bladder
Side of Eye = Gall Bladder
Under Eye = Stomach
Under nose = Governing Vessel
Chin = Conception Vessel
Collar bone = Kidney
Sore spot = (not sure)
Under nipple = Liver
Under arm = Spleen
Karate Chop Point = Small Intestine

Thumb = Lung
Index Finger = Large Intestine
Middle Finger = Pericardium
Baby Finger = Heart
Gamut Point = Triple Warmer

If you use all points above, you’re hitting all 14 meridians. If you use the most common points, you’re hitting 8 meridians. (As I write this, I realize that if you’re suffering from depression, it would be wise to not skip Under Nipple Liver point.)

I just wanted to show that there’s nothing magical or esoteric about the EFT points. They are just acupuncture points discovered by the Chinese 1000s of years ago. The smart thing Gary Craig, founder of EFT, discovered is that we can use these points to rid our body of negative emotions, thus becoming healthier mentally and physically.

We tap on all the points kinda like a shotgun approach, we’re spraying all the meridians hoping that one of them takes care of that specific emotional issue.

I assume you would get similar results even if you tapped at different parts of the body that correspond to the same meridians. Of course, it’s easier to tap the face, chest and hands than try to reach behind your back or bend to get the legs.

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