(iPhone) How to Free Up Tons of Space

March 1, 2017

This is the best idea ever.
(Thanks to some clever redditers.)

What to do:
Go to itunes store app and try to rent a huge movie. Something bigger than the amount of free space you have on your iphone.

For example, I had around 1gb free space and tried to rent “Star Trek Beyond” for $0.99, which needs 5.33gb.

The buying process did not go through because there wasn’t enough space. In the meantime, the phone freed up a total of 4.75gb of space!!


Why it works:
When you try to make that purchase, iphone automatically clears up stored cache in many places like Podcast, Safari, and others.

My Podcast app was taking up something like 1.52gb space no matter how many podcasts I tried erasing. After this process, it now only uses 167.3mb.

Same goes for Safari.
I can’t remember what it was using before, but it was a hefty amount. Now it’s at a measly 12.2mb.

Before this hack, I had been erasing as many pictures, apps, audiobooks, and misc things as possible and the most I could squeeze was 1gb free total.

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