AJ Lee (former WWE wrestler) on her Bipolar Disorder

February 22, 2017

AJ, now retired, was a very successful female pro wrestler who is now writing a book about how she turned a “disability” into a “superpower.”

I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder when I was barely out of my teens. Like our olive skin tone and caterpillar eyebrows, I guess it just runs in the family.

By definition, it is a mental disorder characterized by alternating periods of mania and depression. In less scientific terms, it is a real asshole. The disorder strips a person of control. Those affected experience unexpected and unwarranted highs that can increase adrenaline, paranoia, and recklessness, and lows that induce panic attacks, relentless sobbing, and overwhelming lethargy. A person’s heart, mind, and actions either become amplified to a dangerous degree or unrecognizably distorted…

When I harnessed its seemingly uncontrollable might, I realized Bipolar disorder’s powers could be used for good. My diagnosis didn’t have to be an affliction. It could simply be the gift of extraordinary emotions.

I like to collect these types of stories for inspirational purposes and wanted to share this one with you.

Link: Silence, Interrupted