Martina (from EatyourKimchi) on her EDS & Depression

February 15, 2017

Long time no talk.
I totally forgot you exist!
Such is with the gloomy winter blech season up here in Chicago.

I started watching eatyourkimchi youtube channel a bunch of years ago after my bro shared it with me. It was a fun video on making ramen and I became hooked.

The channel is by Simon (her husband) and Martina, Canadians living in South Korea, talking about food, restaurants, & life. (Recently they moved to Japan.)

I had no idea someone who looked so happy and carefree in her videos was suffering from EDS, chronic pain, inability to move around at times, and depression.

In this video she shares her difficult depressive life during high school (tried to end it all) and the decision she made after to live a thriving life regardless of how ill she is.

It’s a good one.