Amazon Fresh (Produce) Sucks

December 4, 2016

I tried leaving a review on amazon for their fresh service but their bots rejected my review. I’m not sure why. So fuck em, I’m leaving the review here on my blog.

(I’m normally a happy & super frequent amazon prime customer. I’m an amazonaholic except for this poor experience.)

Spoiled Produce, Fast Delivery
2 out of 5 stars

the idea is great.
order online, they deliver same or next day to your doorstep. you won’t be bothered.
amazon did their part well. everything arrived on time the next morning, packaged well in temperature controlled totes.

the problem
whoever is supplying the produce to amazon fresh (local grocery stores) send terrible quality items. it’s like they pick the things that are not selling and about to expire, pack them up, and send them to us.

1. i ordered a container of organic spinach
it was already wilted and watery (spoiled) by the time it arrived next morning. i ate it right away to avoid further spoilage.

2. ordered 10 navel oranges
~4 of them had green moldy spots on them. 1 orange turned completely moldy white (yuck) in 4 days. i did not even know that could happen this fast. oranges (& other fruit) i buy directly from grocery stores last ages compared to amazon fresh produce.

3. 4 mangoes
all of them were super squishy and spoiling by the time they arrived. cut them open to find them in unappetizing condition, dark colored and blech texture.

4. 3 lb bag of organic apples
a lot of them have dark squishy dents and spoiling fast.

5. totes
so they’re supposed to pick up the totes if you leave them out. i’m not sure how long that should take, it’s been 4 days and having 3-4 green totes sitting by your front door is unsightly. i also want to make sure they get their totes back ok. do they only pick up if/when you make your next purchase? i’m just annoyed even looking at those green totes, because so much of the produce was spoiled and had to be thrown out!

6. some of the items were fine
ordered a bunch of organic celery, all good. bags of dates & hummus, pricey but good. bunches of bananas were also good.

won’t be using this service again unless i need non-produce items, or during emergencies and snow storm situations.

Update: Amazon Customer Service Rules
I rarely contact customer service in general because it’s a hassle and most companies don’t care. Most places are slow to respond if at all, especially by email. And complaining to someone on the phone, who the hell wants to go through that headache?

That cannot be said about Amazon.

So I did raise my concerns with them and by the time I woke up the next morning, a real human customer rep replied nicely and even refunded me on a bunch of produce. Amazon, even though they’re a super huge company, is great about customer service in situations like this.