2 Different Approaches To a Plant Based Diet

November 27, 2016

I tried a few different attempts at eating a plant based diet and they were all failures, until now.

Veggies First Approach
Last year, I tried my hardest to adhere to the Eat to Live program by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

His diet is based on eating foods that are highest in nutrients and that naturally leads up to tons of vegetables and some fruits. It’s a great plan but I had a super hard time sticking to it and eventually gave up.

“Salad is the main dish” – Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Fruits are secondary on this diet, listed as 3-4 servings per day.

The difficulty with vegetables first approach is that veggies take a lot of effort to prepare. You have to wash the veggies, then usually chop them up. You need to combine multiple veggies together usually, as in a salad with spinach, kale, mushrooms, avocado, and onions.

Then you need to add some type of salad dressing for flavor especially if you’re new to eating this way. Since you’re trying to be healthy, this involves making your own salad dressing with some combination of oil, vinegar, and herbs. Or even blending cashews and oranges together. And after you’re done, you’re still only eating …. veggies! Not really fun or tasty.

Then there are things like beans and lentils, which take time to soak and cook. Many other vegetables like potatoes and eggplants require cooking as well. Cooking means you need to master yet another skill, to make sure you do it right and use the right spices to make it taste good. It also takes quite a bit of time and foresight to have it already done before you’re hungry.

And you’ll have plenty of utensils & things to wash afterwards.

Fruit First Approach
I first heard of an all fruit diet when reading about Steve Jobs. I assumed this was a crazy thing he tried and not healthy at all for the rest of us.

Later I found youtube videos of folks eating copious amounts of fruits and looking absolutely healthy and fit. They were known as fruitarians! I had no idea this way of eating existed.

I also assumed that I could never do that, because fruits are universally defined as bad or limited foods in every diet book I read, due to their high sugar content. It’s not meant for someone with high cholesterol, obesity, and pre-diabetic issues, they say.

Couple days ago, I told you that I’m trying out the Medical Medium way of eating. Anthony Williams mentions the top 50 most nutritious & disease-fighting foods in his new book Medical Medium Life Changing Foods.

He argues that fruits are great for us and the fear around their sugar content is unfounded. That our body processes sugar in fruits differently than other forms of sugar. He even says we should be eating tons of fruits, even if you’re diabetic, obese, or have issues like Candida, because fruits are disease-fighting and immune supporting.

As a matter of fact, 20 out of his 50 top foods are fruits, counting coconuts. On top of that, another all time healthy item is raw honey, making 21 out of his 50 items to be sugary foods!

The huge benefit of a fruit first approach to plant based eating is that your life becomes infinitely easier! Fruits are already prepared and come with their own protective casing, like with bananas, oranges, mangoes, avocados, and melons. Frozen berries can eaten directly from the package and even drizzled with honey on top for extra flavor and health benefits.

Fruits are nature’s pick-and-go fast foods that require nearly zero prep time. And fruit tastes amazing!

When eating this way, you can make vegetables secondary.
You can prepare a few veggie dishes while you’re chowing down on fruit, so that you can have it for later. I can steam potatoes and sweet potatoes whenever I feel like it, casually while eating bananas and wild blueberries, rather than when I’m hungry and desperate. Same goes for leafy greens and cruciferous veggies.

Don’t get me wrong.
Eat as many veggies as you possibly can and want, but fruits are the #1 option here.

I’ve been eating this way for a week now and am feeling absolutely wonderful, energetic, and happy. No relapses or cravings. Body is feeling better than it has in ages.