How to cut your own hair with clippers (men)

November 16, 2016

I’m really excited to share with you that not only is cutting your own hair possible, but it’s fairly easy to master.

Why you should cut your own hair
1. Freedom
No longer have to wait for your favorite hair cut person to be available. No longer restricted to haircuts during 9a-5p business hours. For mine, I always had to call ahead to see when she would be working and arrange my schedule around hers.

When you cut your own hair, you are guaranteed to have a pleasant hair stylist. You’re not at the whims of another person’s mood and energy.

2. No unnecessary small talk & effort
I normally don’t like to waste energy on unnecessary human talk, being an introvert & HSP, but social protocol requires us to be polite and say some things to make the other person feel comfortable.

No longer have to put effort into showering, brushing your teeth, getting dressed, smelling and looking good or okay, driving, parking, waiting for your person to be free, and all of that extra energy.

3. Money
I’ll save $25 per haircut. Money wasn’t the biggest driver, but this is also great.

Mindset to cut your own hair
Assume that you’re going to fail the first time.

Be prepared for the worst case scenario, which is that you’ll mess up and have to give yourself a buzz cut all around. Then wait til it grows back to try again or just go to your hair cut person to get it fixed. That’s exactly what happened to me the first time before I looked up techniques.

Be prepared for other people to ask about your new buzz cut and chime in with their opinions and tips. How they had also tried giving themselves a haircut but gave up because it wasn’t worth it. This is not that bad at all as long as you’re prepared.

Tools to cut your own hair
You need a clipper set with multiple guards.
A handheld mirror and a bathroom mirror

My second attempt was a super success and all it took was watching two youtube videos. Seeing other people do it imprinted in my mind how to do mine. I also picked up a couple tips.

Your haircut can be broken down into 4 parts
1. Lower half
Sideburns, sides of head, back of head.

Start here.
Go with the lowest number you want.
I went with the #2 guard.

Tip A
The main tip is that you should use your free hand as a sort of boundary that the clippers won’t cross. So when you’re cutting the sides, place the free hand on top of the head, where you don’t want to cut. Same goes for the back, put your free hand on the top back of your head. (see video 1)

Tip B
You can also use your free hand to guide the trimmers up and down the back of the head, to make sure you don’t miss anything. (see video 2)

2. Top
Do top part of the head, but don’t touch the front mane.

I went with a #4 guard.
Here you have more freedom and cut everywhere except the front mane. You should also go over the transition spots of sides and top also, to make it blend in.

3. Front mane
Pick a higher guard that you like and cut this part. Maybe a #5 or #6.

4. Neck trimming
This seems to be the hardest part to manage, since you’ll need to work with two mirrors but it’s not too bad.

You’ll use the bare clippers with no guards to trim the neckline. It takes balance and coordination but if you go slow and breathe deep, it can be done.

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