“Divine Order” Stories From A Road Trip To Red States

November 13, 2016

“It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have one and not be prepared.”
– Whitney Young

I have been maniacally practicing spiritual tools that seemed to serve no immediate purpose but it turns out I was prepared for an opportunity.

I took a solo road trip over the weekend to Michigan.
Going from Chicago area, it was supposed to be around 4hrs of driving. I’m the type of person that cringes at 15 minute drives to buy groceries, so this was a true test fo sho of patience.

Divinely Calm Mind During Traffic Jam
The first thing was that all my well laid plans went awry.

I thought I was actually leaving too early and would get there too fast, by leaving home at around 3pm, but lo and behold it was prime time rush hour by the time I hit the border of Illinois and Indiana.

By traffic I mean nothing moved for a long time.
I’m not sure how long because I refused to look at the time and was practicing chanting mantras and keeping tight reigns on my mind from wandering. In the end, the 4 hour trip took a little over 6 hours to complete.

Not only was there full blown traffic, there were also multiple accidents on highways. Even snails were passing me at light speed.

But I had zero frustration, zero annoyance, zero impatience. This was a new moment in my life.

I invoked Divine Order (something I learned from Tosha Silver, Florence Scovel Shinn and Catherine Ponder) that I would get there magically at the right time, with Divine Grace and in perfect ways. That no matter what was happening around me on the road, time would fly for me.

And it did!

In my mind, the whole trip did NOT seem long at all. It was a whole blur of pleasantness with perfect music played on whatever radio station I flipped to, perfectly calm cars all around, while I floated along to my destination chanting mantras and affirmations, tapping on my meridian points for extra juice.

Divine Detours
At one point my google maps app directed me on a detour, to avoid a 2nd accident.

But the curious thing was no matter how long I drove on that new road, the remaining time didn’t go down. It was stuck at something like 2.5hrs, this after I had already been driving for way too long. Was I heading the wrong way? My mind started to panic.

So I yelled out loud, I invoke Divine Order that I’m on the right path and will reach my destination at the perfect time, with Divine Grace. That time flies by no matter what the google app says.

At that exact moment, as I finished the last words, google app talked to me. She said that there’s a new path she recommends and that it would shave off one hour. I pressed accept and the time immediately went down from 2.5hrs to 1.5hrs as I took the new exit.


Divine Gas Stations
I’m not big on giving into fear and I like humans in general, but a part of me is always aware that I’m a brown skinned dude who is usually mistaken for black, heading into red states.

Plus I got a tall bulky body that intimidates strangers, especially since I’m not one for flashing polite smiles. My resting face has been noted as scary by many!

So stopping for rest stops and gas stations are always extra sensitive for me. I always do some spiritual inner work as I pull over and walk in.

Somewhere in Michigan, in the darkness, I had to pee real bad for the 3rd time. So I invoked Divine Order that the right gas station is already picked out for me to head to and that it would work out perfectly with Divine Grace.

I pulled over cautiously but confidently, assumed the proper nonthreatening yet strong body posture and walked into the place. As soon as I walked in, I noticed that there’s a brown dude behind the counter and I waved my hands to say hi. I do that no matter what color the dude because I know that gas station attendants are always on high fear alert for things to pop off. When I say hi, it diffuses the situation. I also make sure my hands are always in view and not in my pockets.

Anyways, seeing another brown guy made me feel relieved! I assumed the odds of me running into any minorities, let alone another Indian dude would be very low in Michigan. I was pleasantly wrong.

As I bought a bottle of water & snacks, because I wanted to perform the right energy exchange for them letting me use their bathroom, the dude asked if I was Indian. He had noticed my ganesh tshirt and was inspired to spark up conversation.

That’s funny because I almost didn’t wear that shirt when leaving Chicago, because it looked a little too wrinkly and also because I’m heading into two red states. Would they be cool with these types of shirts?

But again, humans are humans, and people in general are nice. There’s no such things as red or blue states, just humans trying to live lives to the best of their judgment. There are nice people everywhere and there are not nice people everywhere. Even then, everyone has a nice side and a bratty side, it depends on what type of vibes we’re emitting on the reaction we get.

All the strangers were nice, especially the white folks, which was a pleasant thing considering recent political events. I even gave country music a chance since so many of the stations were either religious or country, and I had fun listening to them for the first time.

The same type of pleasant experience happened with all strangers in my 8 or so pit stops.

Divine Tire Pressure
On the way back, the car dashboard blinked red, one of the tires had low pressure. Somehow I’ve spent all my life never having filled my own tires and I was in no mood to pull over to do it for the first time in a strange town.

So I asked Archangel Michael for help with the car, since he’s into those sorts of things, protection and such. I also invoked Divine Order for my tires, asked em to fill back up to the right amount, so that I can get back home perfectly.

I admit, I was nervous that this would not work, but a couple moments later, the dash blinked that the tire pressure had gone up from 30psi to 32psi. No longer in the red warning zone!

What happened in the material world is that when we drive, the air expands in the tires, raising the pressure, which I learned later. In the metaphysical world, what happened is that Divine Order took care of my tire issues exactly after I invoked its help.

Divine Order Works For Everyone
It’s not reserved for the elites or the special ones.

When we affirm out loud for Divine Order, what we’re doing is surrendering our resistance. We stop thrashing about from fear and anxiety, which makes matters worse.

Divine Order simply means that there is an optimal path for us at any given moment, the path of least resistance, which we access by our intention. Divine forces also flow in to help us out, because we have asked for help at that moment. That’s all there is to it. Affirm out loud, have trust and faith, and go with the flow.