Self Muscle (Energy) Testing Method

November 8, 2016

I’ve been in search for a good self muscle testing method for a while.
The best method is to have someone else test you but that’s not always an option.

Tried the pendulum thing, interlocking rings with both hands thing, and even pressing down on a bent left arm with the right one. None of those were producing reliable repeatable results.

So, I’m happy to share this video that hits the mark for me. The key break thru was to calibrate it first, as the woman explains.

First form a circuit with 4th finger and thumb.
Think a strong thought, like “yes” or your name. Use your index finger on other hand to break through. Use a certain amount of force to see how strong it holds. Positive thoughts & things will result in the circuit holding strong and not breaking. (If the circuit breaks with positive things, then your energies are running backwards. Refer to Donna Eden Energy Routine to get them back on track).

Then think a negative thought, like “no” or something that’s not your name, “donkey mcalister”. With a certain amount of force (doesn’t take much), the circuit should break.

Now just remember how much force you used and try testing food, vitamins, and whatever else your heart desires. This is a very fun experiment. (The caveat is that we also have a brain, so if the muscle tests strong for poison, doesn’t mean we should start drinking it!)