Nature Abhors Stacking the Deck

November 6, 2016

I was recently thinking about super teams in basketball.
This is the phenomenon where the best players in the league decide to play together on the same team rather than compete against each other. Back in the 90’s, Michael Jordan would have never left the Bulls to team up with Patrick Ewing and the Knicks to chase rings.

I don’t have a personal opinion on the matter, players are free to do as they wish. They’re employees and humans with freedom to do what they think is best. Fans are also right to feel slighted, because their gladiators are defecting to competing tribes.

There is no favoritism in nature.
Every creature has strengths and weaknesses. There is a perfect harmony in everything. Humans seem to be out of her reach, us being at the top of the food chain and able to control our circumstances, but that power is only an illusion.

Humans have our own problems.
Diseases, crime, war, climate change, natural disasters and such to make sure we don’t get too out of hand.

Nature will figure out a way to stop super teams also.
There was a super team recently constructed in Miami and it looked like they would keep winning and winning. The consensus was that they would capture 6 or 7 or 8 championship rings. Though they went to four straight finals, walked away with only two rings.

And surprisingly, the team broke up, with their best player LeBron James returning to his home town team. Two years later, their original team leader & all time hero Dwyane Wade also left the team, upset with how he was treated.

Nature will create odd unforeseen scenarios to stop us from stacking the deck. It could be strong egos, injuries, or even rare diseases. Something will happen to bring balance to things. None of us can escape her watchful eyes.

It will be interesting to watch how the newest super team in Golden State will fare.