Actress Cobie Smulders on her cancer recovery

November 2, 2016

I want to share this article with you.
It came through a very synchronous set of deep link dives and I’m happy to have read it.

Cobie Smulders is of course a a famous actress but recently revealed that she had ovarian cancer when she was 25, back in 2008. After going thru hell and back, she is now fully healed.

The following is my favorite part of her story, since I’m also discovering these things to heal my body. She had surgery to remove the tumors, then did whatever she could to help her body heal naturally.

Thus began the strangest, most bizarrely educational four months of my life.

I went RAW. I forced myself into a devastating breakup with cheese and carbohydrates (fortunately, we are now giving our relationship another chance, but we will never be what we once were). I started meditating. I was constantly in a yoga studio. I went to energy healers who evaporated black smoke from my lower body. OK … sure! … right? I went to a cleansing retreat in the desert where I didn’t eat for eight days and experienced hunger-driven hallucinations. I read so many books (Crazy Sexy Cancer, by Kris Carr, was one of the best). I went to crystal healers. Kinesiologists. Acupuncturists. Naturopaths. Therapists. Hormone therapists. Chiropractors. Dietitians. Ayurvedic practitioners …

Cobie Smulders on her body’s journey through cancer and back.