Modern medicine is more like witchcraft than science

November 1, 2016

Warning: vent alert.

For fuck’s sake, I’m sick of doctors and their witchcraft disguised as science.

I’ve been to more doctors than I would like and nearly each one has different theories and prescriptions for my health issues.

Most recently, I visited my primary doctor (regular md), a functional health chiropractor doctor, and a traditional chinese medicine doctor to see what each one had to say about my oral thrush, candida-like symptoms, leaky gut issues, IBS and such.

Primary doctor recommended I use a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash for my oral thrush. Well, that didn’t work.

Functional health chiro doc didn’t have any solutions for thrush, told me to visit my primary. I went there for chronic fatigue symptoms but thought I’d ask about this issue as well.

TCM guy was the best of all, recommended I treat the garden than the disease. Treat the root cause. This would take a prolonged effort of chinese herbs and acupuncture to get the body systems back in order. The only issue is I got tired of going to the sessions and sitting around with needles in me, even though my health was improving. Plus it’s not covered by health insurance.

Meanwhile, I read as many books as humanly possible on these issues and have been making some progress by changing my diet, adding nutrient supplements and such.

I recently had an idea to try a proper gastroenterologist, a doctor who specializes in the gut. I searched for a highly rated dude in a well-regarded popular hospital in our area. This isn’t some shack, it’s a big medical system with multiple sprawling campuses.

I specifically asked the person taking down my appointment if the doctor treats oral thrush along with my gut issues, and she said yes of course.

The wait to be seen was two weeks, still better than the two months for another popular highly rated doctor in the same place. But the lady assured me that all these doctors perform the same services, I can trust this doc.

So today I went.
The appointment was for 10:15am and I got there at 10am. The good news is that everyone there seemed to be in a good laughing mood. Even the receptionists were laughing and joking with each other. This seemed to be a good omen.

Then the new patient intake form was unusually simple. I’m used to filling out dozens of papers, this hospital only had two pages to fill out, both one sided. Again, I’m happy.

Then I waited.

And waited..

And waited…

By the time someone came to get me, it was nearly 11am.
Still, I was patient. I played solitaire (known as a patience game!) on my phone, remembered to do my mantra meditation to calm my brain, and kept myself busy. The best time to practice patience is exactly in these types of situations.

The nurse who got me was also polite and friendly. Checked my weight. Asked me some questions and entered the data into a computer. I asked her if this doc also treats oral thrush, since that’s one of my main concerns, and she said sure of course.

(I’m sure you can guess where I’m going with this).

The friendly doctor came in with a smile and a handshake.
He happened to be also Indian, and seemed to be the same age as me, mid 30s. So he made some small talk, you know, the bedside manner type chatter that is meant to make a patient feel at ease. He even called me “dude” and “buddy” many times, which I thought was kinda lame. Dude is fine, but buddy is usually reserved for condescension.

Anyways, it turns out this would be the biggest waste of my time.

The doctor had NO IDEA how to treat oral thrush. He seemed completely unaware what candida even was. He said, “dude, I’m a gastroenterologist, I don’t treat that stuff.” He said I’d have to go see an Ear, Throat, and Nose (ENT) doctor. Great, yet another fucking doctor to see and deal with.

I snapped on the inside.
Well, why did two of your nurses say you treat oral thrush? Otherwise I wouldn’t have come here. He didn’t have an answer.

Next, for my gut issues, which he ran no tests for but from symptoms alone, gave me a prescription for Proton Pump Inhibitors. This I’m familiar with since my mother (also an RN) has been taking for years with no improvement in health. As a matter of fact, she hates them.

I asked the doc if there are any known side effects, baiting him a little bit, since I’ve read as much about PPIs as possible and have even taken Nexium at times.

He said, scientifically there are no known issues with PPIs. They work. Most of his patients are on them and they seem to have no issues. I can try them for a while and see how it goes. He made sure to repeat that science has shown no issues with PPIs.

Then he asked who my primary doctor was, and upon hearing his name, he said he is very familiar with that other dude. In fact, my primary refers many of his patients here and this doc had only good things to say about the other guy.

Well, little does he know that my primary doctor has written papers on the dangers of PPIs and even told me not to take them when I had visited him last year!!

I didn’t mention anything, at this point I was already seething on the inside, at the complete waste of time all of this was and how every doctor says something different.

He could sense the change in my mood and my shortness in speech, so at the end, he said he will check my heart and the breathing in my lungs (I have no idea why). Then he said to trust him and he would take really good care of me. I said I will hold him to his words.

These last words of encouragement would have made me feel better, had I not read his doctor reviews where other patients also praised him for saying these exact words. What he said was something rehearsed and not organic.

They also drew my blood, sent me prescription for PPis, appointment for an endoscopy (tube down the throat, a three hour motherfuckin process due to anesthesia, need someone to physically drop me off and pick me up after), and an ultrasound. A colonoscopy was not recommended just yet. I can’t tell if they did these things for my health or to ring up the bill they’ll send to my insurance.

The last sentence the doctor said, with the attitude of a friend, was that the best thing I could do for my IBS and Gerd issues was to just lose 10 pounds of body weight. That would cure most of my issues.

Holy shit doc!
That’s all I gotta do?

So simple, why did I not think of that!
It’s not like I’ve spent 16 years tryin to lose weight with the aid of every diet and exercise protocol or anything. I just gotta lose 10 pounds? Well, I’ll go home right now and press the button that does that for me.

What a load of crap.

What I had just encountered wasn’t personalized patient care but rather a large corporation going thru the motions to make money. Everyone was pleasant and polite, like when you go thru the drive thru at McDonald’s. But just like mickey d’s, the polite facade is a coverup for their obvious lack of care for actual health.

How come modern medicine isn’t better regulated? If it is a science, how come different doctors give different opinions on the same symptoms? One plus one should always be two, if it’s a hard science. Medicine is more of a soft science. And too soft, in my opinion.

How aggravating!

The bottom line is that as patients, we need to figure out ways to heal ourselves, with the help of modern & alternative treatments. We need to use our best judgement because these docs definitely are not all knowing and wise.

They’re just regular people doing a regular job to make a living. They’re no different than the person handing you a bagful of diarrhea from the fast food places.