How To Delete ALL Reading List Off Safari At Once (iPhone, Mac, iPad)

October 26, 2016

This answer requires you having a mac. And assuming you have all devices connected via iCloud.

What to do:
1. Open Safari on Mac
2. Click View –> Show Reading List Sidebar
3. Right click (two finger tap) anywhere on the list
4. Clear All Items!!!

If you got all your devices connected via iCloud, then iPhone and iPad should also become clear.

For the love of god, this took a ton of google searching but NO ONE had the freaking answer. I somehow figured it out and want to share it with you.

I found myself with 100s of articles saved on my iPhone, HUNDREDS, and tried manually deleting them one by one. After about 15 or so, I got annoyed. This was gonna take a long ass time. There are no settings in iPhone to permanently delete the reading list in bulk.

I turned on safari in my mac and again, no settings to delete all reading list. How could that be??!

By sheer luck & persistence, I tried something and it worked!

You’re (mf’n) welcome!