Consciousness Does NOT Have a Beauty Bias

October 26, 2016

That’s the good and bad news.

“Oops! I did it again
I played with your heart, got lost in the game
Oh baby, baby
Oops! You think I’m in love
That I’m sent from above
I’m not that innocent.”

– Britney Spears

I noticed myself falling for this trap quite often. That’s how I recognized the pattern.

Since I’m a guy, and since I seem to be wired to like girls, I notice that I think every pretty woman is an angel. That she is perfect and has no flaws. That she is the greatest human in the world.

I worked in a healthcare company and every day medical marketers would stroll into our office (uninvited) and make a pitch for their wares. They wanted us to use their medical supplies.

If it’s a guy, no one paid mind and it was easy to politely shoo them away. That rarely happened though. Most of the time, the smart companies sent beautiful, fresh out of college, blonde women.

I have doctor friends who say that everyday, these large medical companies send new beautiful young marketers to their office, whose job it is to entice them to prescribe their brand of pills.

Bars & restaurants tend to have beautiful hostesses, bartenders and waitresses. Even drive thrus at coffee places.

If you want to sell something, put it in a nice package. And send it with a pretty youthful woman (if your margins are high enough to afford them, and if you’re that kinda company).

No matter how strong you think your resolve, if a beautiful woman walks in, something changes inside men. Blame it on the pheromones and the animal brain.

That’s why I always get taken aback when I see beautiful women doing nasty things. Marrying tyrants. Or when I see beautiful women at the strip clubs (back when I was ignorant enough to go). Or when I see beautiful women acting mean, rude, greedy, or hateful. I always think, wait wait wait, you’re supposed to be perfect! You’re so beautiful, how could you act like this? You’re supposed to be an angel sent down from heaven, right?!

(For those advanced folks who’ve been around the block a few times, and those who can see auras & the light emanating from people, this is probably less of an issue.)

Beautiful women (& males) are a case where outside appearance doesn’t always reveal what’s inside. The fruit doesn’t always match the root. We can’t judge that book by its cover.

There are some beautiful women who are amazing and kind. There are non-traditionally beautiful women who are also amazing and kind. There are beautiful and non-traditionally beautiful women who are also mean and rude. It’s hard to know until we get to hear them speak and act.

The post was inspired by this video.
I don’t really recommend watching it though, unless you’re prepared to feel irritated and aggravated.

“That is the least woke most awake person I’ve ever seen.” – Trevor Noah

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