Spiritual Teacher Rankings (Dr. David Hawkins)

October 24, 2016

I love power ranking lists.
I may not agree but it helps make consumption decisions easier.

The other day, I realized I only have a limited amount of time in life and even lesser amount of attention span. So instead of reading this or that, what if I read the top books of all time? Listened to the top musical albums of all time, stared at the best paintings of all time, watched the best movies of all time, etc.

So, I was excited to find a spiritual teacher/teachings power rankings list, by Dr. David Hawkins. He’s a famous spiritual teacher & author of the popular book Power vs Force and many others. He’s also into muscle (energy) testing and that’s how I think he came up with his rankings.

These are my major takeaways.

1. Levels of Consciousness (for humans)
This explains the power score of each level, higher being better.

Enlightenment: 700-1000
Peace: 600-700
Joy: 540-600
Love: 500-540 (“The power of love”)
Reason: 400-500
Acceptance: 350-400
Willingness: 310-350
Neutrality: 250-310
Courage: 200-250 (first step into the higher levels)
Pride: 175-200
Anger: 150-175
Desire: 125-150
Fear: 100-125
Grief: 75-100
Apathy: 50-75
Guilt: 30-50
Shame: Below 30

The following are my selected picks from the full calibration list (which you’ll find in resources section at bottom).

2. Sitting at the top of the list, ranked at infinity, is of course God.
The Universal Energy, Source. Makes sense.

3. Next up are Archangels at 50,000.
Sweet. I’m a fan of them. Ranked way above any humans of course.

4. Then the main spiritual teachers.
Buddha, Krishna, & Jesus, all ranked at 1000. The peak reach of humans.
I’ve been a fan of the first two for a long time (being an Indian) and lately have started loving the latter dude as well.

5. David Hawkins’ books rank way too high.
His 3rd book is at 999. 2nd book at 980. 4rth book at 965.

These are ranked ABOVE Bhagavad Gita (910) & Dhammapada (840). And they’re also ranked above the various versions of The Bible (highest being The Lamsa Bible at 880).

I haven’t read any of David’s books yet, but I discount this as favoritism. So, I don’t pay much mind to this, though I look forward to reading them.

I’m a big fan of the Bhagavad Gita, so was naturally happy to see it rank so high above the other books. I find I can keep reading the Gita over and over without the words losing any of its essence.

6. Carl Jung at 560, Sigmund Freud below 500.
I’m a Carl Jungian all day, every day, so this was good to see.

7. There are also things like The Bill of Rights, The Constitution of USA, famous mantras, politicians, painters, movies, musicians, and such on there.

For example, The Bee Gees (one of world’s top selling musical groups of all time, 220 million+ records) are ranked at 510! So I started listening to them for the first time and loving it. High vibes for sure.

Beatles at 460 (best-selling band in world, 600+ million records, has #1 ranked all time album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band). Beethoven 510. George Harrison at 540 (he was known as the spiritual Beatle). Beach Boys 400 (known as most iconic American band, 100+ million records, has #2 ranked all time album Pet Sounds).

And Heavy Metal ranking super low on the consciousness scale at 75. Interestingly & synchronistically, I had been looking at Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto for different reasons. His water pictures of Heavy Metal also look sickly!

Was surprised that Transcendental Meditation, where you’re given a random mantra, ranks at only 295. By comparison, the famous mantra Om Mani Padme Hum is at 700. The OM mantra is at 740.

Using the list
What this list helps me do is ignore anything that ranks low and focus firstly on the top rated ones. It also acts as sort of self affirming, seeing some of the things I naturally love rank high and some of the things I dislike rank low.

Thus the goal for us is to work our way up the consciousness scale, to vibrate as high as possible, by consuming the best fruits off the spiritual tree.

Full Calibration List
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