My Enema Experiment at Home

October 23, 2016

The whole point of the story below is to convince you to try an enema. It’s awesome & you’ll feel amazing after.

The Pattern of New Ideas
I noticed that there’s a pattern to hearing new things that’s outside my frame of reference and getting to the point of me trying that thing.

First, it’s always a surprise because I had no idea that thing even existed.

That’s how I felt when stumbling onto a youtube video few years ago, of a girl making and drinking a green veggie smoothie. And the surprise was that she was smiling while drinking! People…do….that??! Well, I’m glad I never have to or will…

Then I’ll run into other people also talking about loving that thing and its benefits. Once you start noticing red cars, all of a sudden they’re everywhere you look.

On average I need to hear that new thing from at least three different respectable sources. That could take months or years. Slowly, like drips of water hitting a rock, my mind becomes more accepting of this new idea.

Eventually out of curiosity and need (if health is bad enough, we will try anything), I will dive in gingerly.

My first attempt is always clumsy and unsatisfying. I give up for a while, until that idea resurfaces in my mind from yet another source. This time, with all my resolve, I try again and usually succeed. And lo and behold, that thing actually works as advertised!

Then I become an evangelist, telling everyone and their momma about needing to try this.

My Enema Experiment
That’s the way with trying an enema aka colon hydrotherapy.

Quick summary is that I had an urgent need.
My gut health was absolutely terrible. Acid reflux, IBS, newly developed food sensitivity to everything, depression & mood issues, candida issues, leaky gut symptoms, lethargy and weakness, adrenal fatigue. The classic symptoms of bad gut.

I went to a handful of doctors of varied philosophies, but there wasn’t any definitive solution other than to eat better, reduce stress, etc.

I bought and read nearly every top selling health book out there. In one of those books, The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates, she talks about the need to help our elimination systems to perform well. Do some enemas, she says.

This was earlier this year, in Feb.
I knew my usual patterns of waiting years to try something new, but this time I decided to buck that pattern. I went to CVS that same day and bought the last enema kit they had. First I tried to be discreet but could NOT find the damn box anywhere. Finally I went up to a store clerk, and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna be shy, I said out loud (way too loud actually), “Hi Miss, would you be kind enough to show me where the ENEMA KITS are?” And showed her a picture on my phone. She knew exactly where it was, in the feminine section.

That evening I tried the standard salt solution enema.
It was a mess. Or better said, absolutely nothing happened. I had trouble figuring out how to hook all the pipes. I couldn’t figure out how to insert properly. And when I did, the water wouldn’t come inside. Whatever was inside was only left in for a few minutes and then I evacuated. Zero benefits.

I finally retried the salt water enema last night.

This time, I heard about enemas from an unlikely source. During my deep dives into spiritual books, I found one called The Essene Gospel of Peace, apparently the words of Jesus.

In it, he talks about how to heal yourself from disease.
Sit in forest and absorb the good air. Check.
Sit in the sun and let it purify you. Check.
Fast. Ok, I’ll try this.
Lastly, get some clean water and insert it into yo butt!!

Yup, Jesus talked about giving yourself an enema as one of the principles of cleansing from disease.

So, I listened.
I fasted all evening.
And when the mood struck, I dusted off the ol enema kit and went to town on my butt.

It was one of the greatest moments of all time.
You know how when you go from using only toilet paper to using a bidet squirter + toilet paper? It’s a different world and you can never go back.

I immediately felt great cleansed relief feeling in the whole area below my belly button. I felt happy too. It’s like you feel itchy all day and someone finally scratches your back.

Then this morning, I felt even better.
Energetic, happy, clean, relief.

I can’t explain it better with words, you gotta try it is what I’m sayin. My next experiment will be a coffee one.

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